Noctulux is a five-piece female-fronted rock band from the Gelderland-region of the Netherlands that exclusively performs its own compositions. The band consists of Mirjam van der Wel (vocals), Maarten Langeree (guitar), Dennis Tappij Gielen (keyboard), Ben Bruschke (bass-guitar) and Michiel Nijs (drums). In its current form, the band exists since mid 2017.

The Noctulux repertoire is firmly rooted in melodic rock with some subtle influences from other genres and doom metal as a more predominant influence. With some exceptions, songs are highly dynamic and full of contrasts. Musical moods include light-hearted soft-rock, melodic passages, heavy riffing, bone-crushing doom and even the occasional mellow proggy passage. Keyboard, guitar and vocal melodies are catchy and undeniably poppy at all times. Lyrics address the discomfort, lament and desperation that too often stem from human relations and internal struggles and range from reflective to downright haunting. Yet, despite all of these contrasts, the band manages to create songs that are coherent and have a deep emotional impact.

The technical proficiency, sympathetic stage presence and infectious enthusiasm that Noctulux exhibits on stage as well as their unique steampunk stage act result in solid and enjoyable shows. When you're interested (and why would you be reading this if you're not?) and want to find out for yourself, you're in luck. The band intends to appear on as many stages as possible.  You're more than welcome to attend one of the shows.

Noctulux is founded in the autumn of 2015 by Mirjam van der Wel as a vehicle to develop and perform a number of songs she wrote. Maarten Langeree and Ben Bruschke join the band right at the start. In early 2016, the new band is named Noctulux. Dennis Tappij Gielen joins the band mid 2016. Finding a drummer for the band turns out to be a lot harder. In early 2017, the quartet decides to record an album containing Mirjams original songs, a few songs brought in by other band-members and a few newly conceived songs. Preparations for the album are nearly complete when a drummer is finally found. Michiel Nijs joins the band mid 2017. Michiel quickly gets acquainted with the Noctulux repertoire and not a month later, recording of the Noctulux debut album commences. The debut album "From the shadows" is released at the end of 2017.

Finally, for those with a keen interest in dog latin: what is the origin of the band name? Noctulux translates to 'nightlight' which is a word with an inner contradiction referring to the contrasts in the Noctulux music.