June 21 2020, A night to remember... (by Noctulux)

The first pictures and video of our gig at Willemeen last February are now online! Check them out here and here.

November 7 2019, Live at last... (by Noctulux)

At the start of 2020, we start gigging again. Check out our agenda for details. And keep checking because we can announce more gigs soon.

July 7 2019, Old friends... (by Noctulux)

We found a new drummer and it's ... our old drummer Michiel. Fate took away the reasons that caused Michiel to leave the band and we're reunited.

April 3 2019, A short intermission (by Noctulux)

Since we're looking for a new drummer, we can't book new shows at this moment in time. However, the show must go on so we'll play the gigs in the Live section of our website either with our existing or a new drummer.

November 5 2018, Slowly but surely... (by Noctulux)

New album reviews in the Press section and new gigs in the Live section of our website.

October 9 2018, Stop the presses! (by Noctulux)

New content (reviews and interview) in the Press section of our website.

July 23 2018, Still got the blues (by Noctulux)

A video of our performance at the Bluescafe Apeldoorn here and some pictures taken at the same gig here (many thanks to Hans Nijs).

June 15 2018, Making movies (by Noctulux)

A belated video of our appearance on the FemME battle 2018 is now here on our website.

April 1 2018, Memories (by Noctulux)

Sadly, we didn't win the Dutch preliminaries of the FemME battle 2018. We did gain new friends and a bunch of kick-ass pictures that can be found here on our website.

February 18 2018, Let the Games Begin (by Noctulux)

We've been selected to compete in the FemME battle 2018! Check our Live agenda for details.

January 15 2018, Joining the Web (by Noctulux)

Our website is online and when you're reading this, you've obviously managed to reach it. You're most welcome to take a look around. When you're done, we invite you to find our other webspots via the 'Www' link in the menu.